Server Rules


Some rules to help you get along while at Hooters Gaming:


  1. Be a decent human being and have fun with your fellow players.
  2. Don’t be nasty to other players.
  3. Please be polite to your admins. They are there to help.
  4. Don’t play music over your mic.
  5. Please do not annoy other players purposely. Fun smack talking is allowed though.
  6. No racist comments, jokes or player names are allowed.
  7. No bunnyhopping.
  8. No aimboting or wall hacking. (this will result in immediate action)
  9. No spawn mining.
  10. No spawn kills. Allow the player a few seconds to spawn and get moving.
  11. If a player is AFK and facing the corner, please do not kill.
  12. While binding keys is allowed, scripting is not.
  13. Scripting is not allowed.
  14. Rate hacking is not allowed.


Some tips if you are having issues:

  • If your weapons don’t change, reconnect to the server. ( leave & rejoin)
  • If your map differs from the server, delete the .bsp file from your HL folder. (valve/maps)


From all of us here at Hooters: Thank you for playing!