Calling all clans: All are welcome at HootersGaming

Just a quick hello to all the Half-Life clans out there and reminder that all clans are welcome at HootersGaming.

I want to apologize for calling out a clan recently and accusing them of hacking. I was wrong and I am sorry. While I try not to make emotional responses they tend to slip out every now and then.

I had to recently ban two members of a clan which I did not want to do but was left with very little choices. One was for scripting and the other was for instigating problems and just plain ole gossiping.

At HootersGaming we do not push any religious or political views. We do however encourage all to be good humans and have a great time. So when that is threatened or our rules are broken we tend to move rather quickly.

If a ban is needed we make it so. If we can speak to the fellow player, we do that too. The later is preferred over banning but sometimes we are left with little choices.

For all the great players that come on to HootersGaming and are good, cool humans – I thank you.

For the others that dont appreciate what we try to do, we wish you well on your journey.

Thanks for reading!