A quick message about some observations.

When a euro-trash, racist, sexist, indecent, subhuman, and a home grown peach started making comments about decency, it was time to pull the plug on the whole thing. After countless hours and multiple thousands of dollars invested in this community, we had our fun and it was time to move on. Just because someone puts up a server, it doesn't automatically become the best of anything. Maybe the best shit hole but that is about it. In its hayday Hootersgaming.com was ranked 4th globally. The so called "best HL server period!" server is the lowest grade cheap Chinese knockoff of Hootersgaming.com operation, and at worst it is the shit hole that we all observe it to be. One of the many still-born attempts that litters half-life realm. Just chalk it off to another miserably failed attempt at being something good. You can't build something good when you don't know what good is. Hootersgaming was an exceptional effort which yielded a community of over 60000 (yes, that is sixty thousand) unique steam ids logged. Remember, we showed you the way, we set the standard and demonstrated how it is done. It was no longer possible to have fun and to support a community that was not happy with itself. This flatlining server entity which was haphazardly thrown together is named after the word shit. Naturally that is all you will get. HAVE A NICE DAY!